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9 reasons to start knitting today!

Are you still struggling with whether knitting is really a hobby that you can get excited about? Or are you already knitting and have you ever wondered what it will do for you? Then you'll get the answers now, because knitting - with all the rattling and tangled yarns - is healthy. A fact that should please many, because yes, not only jogging is healthy, knitting is also good for our body. No, of course, sport doesn't replace this hobby and that's why we don't get the bikini beach figure - but we still have 9 really good reasons to start knitting today!

Knitting creates a sense of achievement and makes you happy

One of the top reasons to start or not stop knitting. Because knitting creates something completely new. A colorful scarf or sweater is made from a loose and useless wool lying around. Anyone who has ever made something new themselves knows the feeling of having finished something. You are automatically happier, more satisfied and, of course, proud of your masterpiece.

Bad habits - Knitting helps you quit smoking

Anyone who smokes or has other bad habits could find the solution in knitting. Because it is clear that smoking or eating without hunger happens out of sheer boredom. If you direct your attention to wool and needles, you can suppress the craving for food or nicotine during this time. The perfect support if you want to stop smoking or have just started the diet.

Knitting improves memory

In fact, British physiotherapists have found that steady eye rolling from right to left improves memory by 10%. Thus, knitting trains the eyes quite intensively and that is exactly what causes relaxation and a better memory of important things. A forgotten thought often comes to mind while knitting, or something important comes to mind. If only everything were that easy!

Schizophrenia and dementia progress more slowly

Mental decline is also delayed if you knit regularly. Although knitting cannot cure diseases or even stop them completely, it not only helps memory, it also reduces the likelihood of developing dementia or other diseases later on. And even by up to 50%. If that's not a reason to get a needle and yarn right away.

Motor skills improve

This fact should be a little easier to understand, because knitting is also about sensitivity, rhythm and some skill is also required. It is not for nothing that knitting is also used by people with Parkinson's disease, as they have to train their motor skills in a targeted manner.

Concentration please! Knitting demands attention

If you just can't focus and concentrate properly, it's best to take a little break from knitting and grab your yarn and needle. Because knitting challenges the brain, since you have to follow certain patterns to achieve a result. More concentration and attention cannot do any harm in everyday life, but neither does it in the workplace.

With ropes to a healthy heart

Our heart is probably the most important organ in our body, without the heart we would not be able to live. So let's do something about it and start knitting.Knitting lowers the stress level and blood pressure, it reduces the heartbeat and therefore also has a very calming effect. There can be no better prevention against serious heart diseases.

Away with the stress - knitting against nervousness and inner restlessness

Stress has many faces and is different for every person. Sometimes the stress escalates into anxiety or even panic attacks. Anyone who is constantly stressed is doing themselves and their health a disservice. Knitting has been proven to reduce stress and sort out confused thoughts. So if you lose your perspective from time to time because of all the stress or can no longer think clearly because of sheer nervousness, you should knit about 3-4 times a week. Knitting can also help to alleviate inner unrest in the waiting room of the dental practice or before an important exam.

Knitting against anxiety

Serotonin, the happiness hormone, is released during knitting. And this is exactly what the body needs to get inner peace and tranquility. So if you're really scared of something and maybe even feel physical symptoms because of the fear, try knitting. At least temporarily, knitting can suppress worries and fears and make the queasy feeling in the stomach go away.

Knitting is no longer just something our grandmothers do. And they probably even knitted without knowing the positive effects on our body.

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