Wool from Lake Chiemsee, the heart of Bavaria

As you have already noticed, a few months ago we moved to Bavaria, more precisely to the Chiemsee. In the idyllic landscape and our beautiful house we are now drawing new strength and creativity to be able to supply you with great yarns. But since the move not only represents a new beginning for us locally but also creatively, we have decided to rename our new yarns. After all, these new gradient yarns are no longer designed in the Black Forest but here in Bavaria. We quickly came to the conclusion that, in addition to the beautiful Alps and the unique landscape here, Lake Chiemsee is probably the most striking feature of the Chiemgau. Hence the name of our completely new and fresh brand from Bavaria: Chiemseegarn.


Chiemsee yarn is of high quality!

Just like our Black Forest yarns , our Chiemsee yarns are also made entirely by hand manufactured and are subject to the same strict conditions. Each Bobbel is carefully checked again before shipping and then packed for you. It is very important to us that we only deliver Bobbel that are really high quality, you can see that it works well from our 100% positive ratings. We don't have unhappy customers and bad quality.

Chiemsee yarns are creative!

You will find the creativity that we put into our Black Forest yarns one-to-one in our new gradient yarns . Chiemsee yarns are the next step in our creative process and are created by us with just as much love and care as all our other products. Most of the time we have an exact image of a scarf, poncho or top in our head, which we use to work out the optimal color gradients for a great end result.

Chiemsee yarns are personal!

Of course you can still call us at any time, write an email or contact us via Facebook, Google+, Pinterestetc. send a message if you want to make any special changes for your very own Chiemsee yarn. It doesn't matter whether you would like to have a silver thread in your yarn or you need one color more or less in your yarn. Let us know and we'll do it for you - No extra charge!

Of course there is also a cool new logo for our yarns, you can see it here!


You can find the first Chiemsee yarn in our new category Chiemsee yarn. Maybe you already like one or the other.


Do you have any suggestions or ideas for our yarns? Then write us a comment or visit us on Facebook. We look forward to seeing you!

And of course don't forget: MUST visit our CREATIVE GROUP !



Your Birgits wool market team <3

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