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Knit or crochet hoodies

Hoodies and hooded jackets are fashion favourites, but why should they always look sporty and have to be made of sweat fabric? Knitted or crocheted hoodies are real eye-catchers, super comfortable and can be designed individually.

Hoodies can be knitted or crocheted from many different types of wool. They look great in chunky patterns for winter, but also in light wool with lace patterns! Try our gradient yarns for your new favorite hoodie. It's a quick knit, the color gradient encourages you to continue knitting and is therefore ideal for beginners who want to see results quickly.

Knit or crochet hooded jackets:

Here you will find instructions for a great chunky knit hoodie with an effective rib pattern:

This hooded jacket is light but warm. Her pattern is just garter knit! Perfect for beginners. Knitting the hood is also no problem:

You love traditional jackets? Why not knit a hooded one? That looks really cool. Also nice as a gift for daughter or granddaughter. You can vary the traditional look wonderfully. You can also experiment with color. Trachten jackets don't have to be white or green, just grab your favorite color!

Knit hooded scarf in gradient yarn

Of course you can also knit beautiful hooded scarves with gradient yarn. In our shop you will find, for example, the free crochet pattern for the "Girl's Dream" hooded scarf. You can easily rework the piece suitable for beginners in our online shop for gradient yarns with free instructions, or buy it directly as a practical crochet set with everything you need to work.

Häkelset Kapuzenschal Mädchentraum

Knit or crochet sporty hoodies

Now we come to the really casual wool hoodies. This example is made of pastel gradient yarn and can be wonderfully crocheted with Chiemsee yarn! It's not a real hoodie, it just has a shawl collar. You can also simply knit the collar up as a hood.


Model with a super nice cable pattern and border for the hood

Fans of complicated patterns can let off steam with the knitted hoodies! The following example is beautiful and so much more delicate and extravagant than a simple sweat hoodie. Would you like to knit it? This also works with the Chiemsee yarns.


Knit hood

You don't necessarily need knitting instructions for fashionable hooded jackets and hoodies. You can also simply knit the hood onto a sweater collar. The only important thing is that it is beautifully shaped and falls well. There shouldn't be a hard ridge on the back of the head.

The simplest form of hood:

You can also knit a hood onto a sweater collar without increasing and decreasing stitches. All you have to do is knit the hood directly onto the collar. Do not pick up the stitches too tightly and not too loosely. The hood should fit snugly but not crease.

Then you can start knitting. To prevent the edges from puckering at the front, make an edge with knit stitches. These are roughly the last and the first three to four stitches.

This simple hood then forms a rectangle. Try if it's already long enough to cover your head. At the end you bind off the stitches nicely loosely or you make a pretty border.

Now the hood is folded in the middle and the upper seam is closed. If you choose a hood like this made of a nice, soft yarn, there are no hard edges at the top. If the wool is coarse and thick, these instructions are not recommended. Then you should rather choose a rounded shape.

Here is another hood knitting tutorial:

http://www.helpster.de/kapuze-stricken-so- geht-es-step-for-step_127790


Anyone who knits for babies and toddlers will already be practiced in hood knitting! In this way you quickly learn the basic principle of hoods and can vary them yourself. There are many options for closing the hooded jackets. You can sew in a zipper. You can add a pretty button placket or you can leave the jacket open but give it a pretty edge. If you like traditional knitting patterns with voluminous cables and diamond shapes, you can combine them with a hood, making the sweater really up-to-date, even if it might otherwise have a classic cut.

Knitted hoodies are a real hit: make babies, toddlers, young girls, ladies and even the gentlemen happy with them!

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