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Find and download free knitting instructions

Finding free knitting patterns online is not that difficult. There are thousands of providers of free knitting instructions, including many well-known addresses, but also many small online shops and bloggers who offer their self-made knitting instructions. But there are a few things to consider.

What should I look out for in a free knitting pattern?

Many providers of free knitting instructions require you to register on their website, leave your email address or even pay something in a roundabout way. You should of course pay attention to this and not be fooled. If you offer free knitting instructions, you really should offer them for free.

It is important to pay attention to this:

  • be easy to download
  • do not require login
  • Include summary information about the material
  • Written in understandable German

All this information about the free knitting pattern should already be available before registering or downloading. Otherwise you run the risk of having given out your email address for instructions that may not be so good.


Although this is not necessarily the case with providers of free knitting instructions, you should still be aware of one thing: viruses and Trojans. If you download something and open it on your computer, you also open your system to malware hidden in the document or the knitting instructions. Therefore, you should consider the following tips:

  • pay attention to https, only websites with https are really secure
  • better not to download knitting patterns from websites outside of the US and Europe
  • Only download from websites that are really about knitting and knitting instructions
  • Only open .pdf .doc .jpg .jpeg files. DO NOT open .exe files

Now enough of the hints and tips, here you will find a list of download free knitting instructions.

Web sites for free knitting patterns:

Here I am listing a few websites for free knitting instructions, i.e. websites where there is a whole range of free knitting instructions from a wide variety of providers.

  1. www.chiemseegarn.de
  2. www.ravelry.com
  3. www.crazypatterns.net
  4. www.loveknitting.de/
  5. www.makerist.de
  6. www.schachenmayr.com
  7. www.fuersie.de
  8. https://strick-anleitung.com/
  9. https://www.myboshi.net

Blogs with free knitting patterns:

Here I list a few smaller blogs that offer free knitting patterns.






You also have a blog where you offer free knitting instructions? Then write us a message to info@chiemseegarn.de or use our contact form to tell us about your blog.

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