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Awesome sweater ideas to crochet

Crocheting a jumper also fits into the summer season! Artistic hole patterns are now in demand. This is used to show suntanned skin or to reveal colorful tops underneath. Even little girls are happy about a pretty lace pattern jumper. Grandmas, mothers, aunts and sisters should therefore quickly grab their needles and order some summery yarns!

Airy pullovers are conjured up quickly and are a nice change from all the sporty shirts and sweaters that people love to wear today. They look more feminine and elegant.

All (Hcrochet pattern) lace patterns can of course be created with the beautiful Chiemsee yarns. Today we show some crochet and knit sweaters that advanced crocheters and knitters can finish in no time.

Short boxy crochet jumpers

The simplest and most everyday variation for the summer crochet sweater is a short, boxy sweater with a straight neckline. For the sleeves you only have to pick up a few stitches on the side and then you can continue crocheting straight again.

A very nice, festive variation on the box sweater is to leave the shoulders bare:

Get more inspiration here: 50+ short crochet sweater ideas! But be careful that your model doesn't look like great-grandmother's potholders! Choose a crochet pattern that is not used for such pieces, but rather more filigree patterns and do not choose block stripes.

Crochet lace pattern with gradient yarn

Of course, lace patterns can also be crocheted with gradient yarns. The delicate color gradients are a great way to spice up your lace patterns and give your pieces that certain something.

Lochmuster Pullover Violetta

Here you will find our free crochet patterns, which you can easily order as a crochet set

Long sleeve crochet sweater

Long-sleeved crocheted sweaters are beautiful and very versatile to wear. If you crochet them strictly in one pattern, they go wonderfully with modern casual looks. This model is crocheted in fine light blue and goes particularly well with light blue jeans. But these instructions also look good in pastel Chiemsee yarn:

Knitting: Beautiful lace pattern jumper with long sleeves

You can also knit long-sleeved openwork sweaters. This model forms a real network and thus looks very effective. It is wonderfully comfortable on the skin because it lets a lot of air through, but also provides warmth on slightly cool days or in the evening.

Now it's getting really business-class! This pullover is also suitable for festive occasions if you use glossy wool or lurex yarn, for example. However, super colorful yarns or those with color gradients such as Chiemsee yarn are suitable for everyday use.

Perforated pattern - what is there to consider?

Lace patterns are more for experienced crocheters and knitters. Why? The mesh structure must be uniform and firm. When choosing a pattern for a crochet sweater, you should always make sure that it looks modern. So don't take any patterns that are reminiscent of great-grandmother's placemats or the potholders already mentioned. For sweaters, you should use patterns that look nice overall, and there are a lot of them! Large patterns look modern and stylish.

Simple cuts are ideal, because the focus is on the great patterns. You don't always need instructions.It is enough to measure the width of the pullover, knit it straight up or crochet it and decrease a few stitches on the sleeves. The neckline can be generous. With the short sweaters, however, the straight boat neckline looks particularly casual.

The seams: The seams are a bit tricky with these filigree marvels. They shouldn't be bulky, but you can't turn them over because we have a hole pattern. Some instructions therefore leave a border without a hole pattern on the edges so that you can sew the edges together easily. In any case, it requires some skill to close the seams nicely and unobtrusively. Take your time and make sure your work doesn't curl or warp. To do this, lay it loosely over one leg and do not sew the seam too tightly.

care of sweaters:

As beautiful as the lace pattern sweaters look, you have to treat them with the same care. You have to make sure that you don't get caught anywhere, because stitches pull out quickly. If that happens, just fix it quickly.

You also have to be careful when washing. Such sweaters must be washed separately and by hand. But that's fast. It is often enough to put them in water with a little hair shampoo, press them through a little and then lay them on a towel on a rotary dryer and let them dry.

Lace pattern - great fun for needlework fans

Once you've started crocheting or knitting sweaters with lace patterns, it's hard to stop. It's so much fun to watch the piece emerge. Our Chiemsee yarns result in particularly soft, light crochet sweaters with holes in them and unique color effects - try it!

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