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Knitting with the raglan technique

A sweater with the raglan technique with gradient yarn

I'm often asked "How much gradient yarn do you need for a sweater"? That's a question I can't answer like that. It depends on the size and the pattern. The difficulty with this yarn is that a sweater consists of 4 parts: front, back and sleeves. The length of the color gradient depends on the run length of a bobble. If the bobble is too big for a front piece, then I haven't used all the colors. Is it too small... how do I knit or crochet the rest? And for the sleeves you need less than for a front part - but how much?

Raglan sweater from above

We are in the process of designing patterns tailored to our yarns. But you can also help yourself by working an RVO - i.e. a raglan sweater from above - worked. It's well explained here:

Raglanpullover von Oben

It looks complicated, but it's actually very, very simple. The advantage of this way of knitting is that you can use almost any bobble length - you knit in one piece until you separate the sleeves. And depending on which color you are in ... you finish the rest of the sleeves or the other parts in this color. So you don't have to calculate how the running length for sleeves, VT and RT has to be. You should be able to estimate how many meters you need in total. I have written a handy table for you here:

Practical help chart for knitting raglan sweaters

RVO Gradient Yarn Jumper Chart
Sizes: size 38 Size 40 Size 42 size 44 size 46
length 56 57 58 59 60
Width 51 53 55 57 59
raglan draft 28 29 30 31 32
Sleeve length from neckline 70 71 72 73 74
Total yarn consumption 8 threads 865m 960m 1065m 1180m 1295m
of which gradient yarn 620m 685m 765m 840m 925m
of which one color 245m 275m 300m 340m 370m

At the moment I can give you the following information about a sweater I made for myself in size 42:

560g / approx. 1065m 8ply gradient yarn e.g. Ice Queen, one of my new yarns:

Farbverlaufsgarn Pullover mit Raglantechnik

Total length 58 cm
Width 55 cm
Raglan slope 30 cm
Sleeve length from the neckline 72 cm

Stitch test: with NS 4.5 corresponds to 18 sts, 10 cm and 30 rows - stocking knit.

In this case you could, for example, take 765m of gradient yarn and the rest, i.e. 300m in the last color of the bobble. So you have the color gradient over the yoke and the rest in one color which then looks like this:

An example of a gradient yarn sweater with raglan from above

A jacket can of course be worked according to the same principle - only then not in rounds but in rows.

So you see, knitting with the raglan technique is not a witch's art, it's actually quite easy to learn and produces fabulous results like this beautiful sweater you see above

Nice that you stopped by and see you next time!

Birgit <3

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