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In this category you get an overview of our gradient yarn. Gradient yarns are hand-wound bobbles that are handcrafted with knots to create the beautiful gradients you see here.

Each of our yarns is made especially for you after your order and is therefore a real one-off that only exists once.

Bobbel gradient yarn for your most beautiful works

A new wool trend has been in the country for some time. The variety of colors inspires many knitting and crochet fans. The selection is becoming more and more extensive and the offer more and more colourful.

Bobbles are hand-wound gradient yarns in different variations of color gradients for knitting or crocheting. These are not caused by coloring!

New individual threads with a different color are knotted to the threads by hand and the color is thus changed. You don't have to worry about the knots, they can be knitted without any problems. They are then completely invisible.

Appropriate colors are gradually used for a beautiful, flowing color transition. This requires a fine sense of color and deeper knowledge of the color wheel.

Where do gradient bobbles come from?

The color gradient bobbles were invented in 1985 in Beyernburg by the Wuppertaler Garnbleicher und Färberei company. Wolfgang Hasenack is considered the inventor. The term "Bobbel" was only established much later.

Parallel to this, a specialized twisting machine was developed and manufactured by the Ravormwald company. To do this, 3 to 9 cones were placed on the device and then wound up by hand on a wool winder.

At that time, sweaters and jackets were mainly made. The instructions for this were designed in a studio by WGF Colcoton Unikat. Subsequently, several magazines with instructions were created and sold at trade fairs and handicraft magazines through clever marketing.

In the 80s there was a very high demand for knitwear and crochet supplies. This slackened off again sharply in the 90s, which is why the company sold its division and patents to another company. This decreased in size over time. Occasionally one finds smaller offers on the web.

What yarns do you get from us?

Making projects in one go is no problem at all with one of our lovely gradient yarns. Depending on the running length, you have a wide repertoire of options. Whether stoles, scarves, shawls, tunics or tablecloths, the gently gradual color gradient of the bobbles gives them an extraordinary color scheme.

The run length can be freely selected from 600 to 1200 meters, depending on the project. In addition, you can specify your desired thread size for thin 3-ply to thicker 8-ply yarns. On request, we are also happy to design a color gradient according to your ideas. So there are no limits to your imagination. If you need a different running length or thread count, just clarify it with us!

Our yarn consists of 50% cotton and 50% polyacrylic. If you want, you can buy cheap cone yarn from the Ocean series from TVU.

Our gradient yarns are hand-wound bobbles, which are processed by hand with knots to create the wonderful color gradients you see here. Each of our yarns is made especially for you after your order and is therefore a real one-off!

With us you will find a large selection of fine and well thought-out color combinations. Romantic winter and Christmas feelings with our "Frostrose", or a cuddly exciting "Summer Thunderstorm".You're sure to find the perfect composition for your ideas

We purchase the Kone directly in Bavaria. Since the winding is done by hand in Siegsdorf, our products are without exception "Made in Germany" and even "Made in Bavaria".

Quality is very important to us, which is why we make sure that only flawless products reach our customers. In every respect, the following applies: the customer is king. We are only satisfied when you are perfectly happy with our goods.

We also help with starting difficulties

For your own inspiration, here you will find a selected selection of instructions that were created by us or our partners. Of course, these were checked for accuracy and tested very extensively by us. However, it is worth being willing to experiment on your own initiative.

Test different thicknesses and color combinations for your own individual masterpiece. You are guaranteed to be able to buy the right gradient yarn from us for every idea of ​​your own.

You will also find a limitless selection of instructions and tutorials on the web to be able to realize absolutely all your ideas. It is worth getting inspiration from well-known designers such as Valentina Bogdanova. Their trained eyes give you an excellent feeling for stylish color combinations.

Gradient yarns are suitable for almost every purpose - otherwise you can also order all colors as single-color yarns.

Tips and tricks for gradient yarn

Plized yarns are particularly suitable for crocheting to achieve a softer end result. You can also needle beads into your yarn or order it with glitter thread.

Tip: the more color changes you have in a bobble, the fewer patterns you need because 1. you can't see it well and 2. it gets too restless. The gradient looks excellent on its own.

We recommend a needle size of 2.5 - 3.5 for 3-ply yarn. For each additional thread in the winding, the needle size can be increased by approximately 0.5. That means 3.0 to 4.0 for 4-thread gauge and so on. But of course it always depends on whether you work tightly or loosely and of course also whether the finished piece should be tighter (pullover) or fluffy (scarf).

If you are dissatisfied with your stitch structure, do not hesitate to experiment with other needle sizes. You can find suitable needles in our online shop!

Since the wool is very sensitive, you should not wash your work at more than 30 degrees. We recommend the delicates program in a laundry bag.

Our customers are important to us

Your order will be processed and shipped immediately after receipt of payment. In the case of offers and special offers, the delivery time may vary slightly. We are a very small family business with a handful of employees.

Should the rush be greater, we assure you that we will work on the windings around the clock and seven days a week. In extreme cases, the delivery time shouldn't take longer than 3 weeks at peak times - but we would say that in advance!

We are happy to accept suggestions for innovative ideas and colours. Send us your works and flashes of inspiration at any time to one of our social media portals such as Facebook or Instagram. If you want also by mail. Maybe your creation will soon be in our online shop or in the picture gallery.

You can find more information about knitting and crocheting in our blog.