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In this category you will find our beautiful crochet sets. Each crochet kit includes all yarns, instructions and needles needed to crochet your creation.

What do I get with the crochet kits?

An exquisite range of crochet sets is waiting for you! Whether you are a beginner or a crochet pro, there is the right set for everyone. Would you like a simple, but still beautiful scarf, or would you prefer a dainty summer dress? You can buy the matching knitting and crocheting set from us and get started right away.

Feel free to look around. The set includes the materials required for the color and the necessary accessories. The corresponding free crochet patterns are of course included in the offer free of charge.

Since you don't have to laboriously collect instructions and accessories yourself, you save time and are sure to get the right yarn and the right crochet hook.
The sets are almost perfect as a small gift or gift idea for crochet fans. Also as a birthday or Christmas present.

You can give your loved ones a wonderful treat with this. Here you will find the right crochet sets for children, the right crochet sets for beginners to professionals in different colors.

I have never crocheted - are the sets suitable for me?

The sets are ideal for you as a crochet beginner. You don't accidentally buy the wrong thread or the wrong needle size. The free crochet instructions will guide you step by step and in an easily understandable way, right down to the last stitch.

If you're not into knitting or crocheting yourself, the sets are definitely the right motivation for you. Your imagination knows no boundaries. For example, one customer had crocheted a working QR code

We recommend starting with simpler sets like the Scarf. More advanced works like the sweaters may overwhelm you at first. It is important that you are patient. If you crochet your first stitches, you won't get the results you imagined.

Small mistakes can quickly demotivate you. You shouldn't let that bother you. Practice creates masters. Feel free to get help from the internet.

How do I slide the needle?

Do I use my right hand or my left?

What are purl stitches?

There you will find plenty of opportunities to exchange ideas about crocheting with experienced users.

Our Facebook group is perfect for this, for example. You can also find quick help for your crochet project on knitting and crochet forums and sites like Pinterest and Instagram if you want it.

You can also learn to crochet. Whether hats, jackets or scarves, your possibilities are almost limitless. The feeling of holding your own elaborate work in your hands can be indescribably exciting. Who can claim to crochet their own clothes?

How are the yarns made?

These are produced by us from at least 3 threads of Kone yarn, which are twisted together. This creates a multi-strand yarn that is suitable for knitting and crocheting.

The threads have to change color after a certain distance for the typical coloring of the yarns.To do this, the threads are cut off after a certain running length and tied to the previous thread. The small knots are not visible in the crochet pattern.

A lot of knots are needed for the balls. Since the process is carried out by hand, the comparatively high final price differs significantly from machine-made yarns and industrial wool.

How are the single-colored bobbles produced?

As already mentioned, the single-colored threads are made from several threads of our Konegarn, which is produced in Germany. To do this, they are twisted and arranged into a coherent yarn.

In this process, the threads do not need to be knotted together, unlike our gradient bobbles. While the manufacturing process is a bit simpler, that doesn't mean we craft them with less care.

How good is the yarn?

We get our high-quality yarn from the company TVU in Bavaria. Half of this is made of cotton and the other half is made of polyacrylic.

This cleverly combines the positive properties of both yarns. On the one hand, cotton has an extremely absorbent surface and is very comfortable to wear. The polyacrylic ensures more stability and extremely hard-wearing material. Which is very useful, for example, for crocheting socks.

This ensures that your works are preserved for a very long time without losing their wearing comfort.

Our Chiemseegarn team manufactures the threads by hand themselves. With us, nothing is ordered and temporarily stored. As a small family business, we initially produced laboriously on a small scale with a few tools in our own cellar.

Little by little we were able to establish ourselves. With increasing growth, we built a small manufactory in the former workshop of the house. There we work tirelessly seven days a week to offer you the best possible products.

We want to continue to offer you an extensive and well-assorted selection of creative ideas in the future. However, this means that we need ever larger amounts of material. Nevertheless, we attach great importance to offering you the best possible quality of the products.

In 2021 we will add merino wool to our shop. This has already been extensively checked and tested by us, which is why we are sure that Chiemseegarn will rise to the next level in terms of quality. Mixed yarns made of silk, mohair and cashmere are also planned.

If you have any helpful ideas for yarns, please contact us at We are also all about you via social media such as Facebook, or Instagram available for you.

Can I also buy Chiemseegarn products in shops?

You can only get the official Chiemseegarn articles exclusively in our online shop. This does not mean that we strictly refuse to sell our yarns to shops, for example. Unfortunately, the only problem here is that, unlike other industrial manufacturers, we offer handwork to order, and therefore cannot send stock goods that could be offered on a store shelf.

Another point is the close customer contact. We attach great importance to this.This way we get direct feedback about our goods and can accept suggestions for improvement as quickly as possible and process them quickly. We are in direct contact with several customers, also to exchange instructions and news from the knitting and crochet scene.

I don't like any of the sets offered

On the Internet you will find an infinitely large selection of instructions for all kinds of works in all colors and variations.

Of course you can get the necessary material from Chiemseegarn. Feel free to experiment. You don't get the desired results with a 3-ply yarn? Try a 5 thread.

We are also happy to accept your requests for your very own color composition. There are no limits to your creativity.

How does the ordering process work?

We attach great importance to making it as easy and intuitive as possible to find your way around our online shop. An extensive selection is also very important to us. If you want to buy our set, just click on the set that appeals to you the most and put it in the shopping cart.

You can then go to the shopping cart at the top right of the page. There you can manage all products that you have added and can also remove them again. For example, if you have placed additional individual needles in the shopping cart, but you remember that you still have them in stock, you can easily remove them from the shopping cart.

We offer you a very wide range of payment options. From prepayment via PayPal to Apple Pay, you are guaranteed to find the right one.

How much service do I get in the online shop?

We won't leave you alone! You can reach us at any time via a wide variety of channels. Do you have any questions about our products, instructions or accessories? Would you like competent advice on which items you need for your next project?

Just write us an email. If you want, you can also simply contact us via the social media platforms. Even if you have questions about knitting and crocheting in general, or wonder why you're not getting the results you want.

We'll try our best to help you. You are also welcome to join our Facebook group. There you have the opportunity to exchange ideas with our community and to show your finished crocheted parts.

The group already consists of many enthusiastic members who are regularly in lively exchange with each other.

In addition, we regularly provide you with updates on Facebook and Instagram, as well as information on facts about knitting and crocheting.

You will also be informed about our special offers and sales campaigns there.

We are already looking forward to your messages and contributions.