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Birgit Wyss

crochet cloth "heart cloth"

crochet cloth "heart cloth"

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Included in the set:
• Moulin Rouge LL 1200 meters / approx. 240 grams of gradient yarn and 300m for the border, 3-ply

Recommended material (not included in the set):
• 1 crochet hook size 3 1/2

The shawl can also be crocheted with any other yarn.

The instructions can be downloaded directly from the shop!

This easy-to-work shawl is suitable for anyone who has basic knowledge of crocheting and would like to work with a different shawl.

The original cloth is crocheted with 1500 meters of wool, we recommend the varied yarn Moulin Rouge from our range. The color gradients are ideal for crocheting a special part that stands out from other shawls!

Recommended material:

  • 1 crochet hook size 3 1/2
  • Moulin Rouge, LL 1200 meters/ approx. 240 grams gradient yarn and 300m unicolored yarn for the border, 3-ply
  • 1 needle for threading

The shawl can also be crocheted with any other yarn.

Required Skills:

chain stitches

single crochet


You will receive the instructions immediately after purchase or payment!

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