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Birgit Wyss

Crochet poncho "Rosebud"

Crochet poncho "Rosebud"

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Included in the set:
• 2 x 300m gradient yarn cream / baby pink, 5ply

Recommended material (not included in the set):
• 1 x crochet hook

• Neck size: 70 cm
• Bottom width: 154 cm
• Length: 35 cm

Our tip: Of course, other colors can be ordered at no extra charge, please let us know in a message or email etc.!

The instructions can be downloaded directly from the shop!

We thought of a small project that is really easy to work on in a weekend. That's when we came up with the idea of ​​crocheting a small poncho or throw that fits wonderfully over a summery top or dress, because many people (including me) get cold shoulders first. Or wouldn't that be a nice present for your best friend?

With our original yarn, the poncho becomes soft and summery, if you use a different yarn or simply different colors, it can look classy and festive.

As you are used to with us, too easy to work without a gauge. This means you can use any yarn you like, you just have to make sure that the beginning is correct, i.e. that the neck size is the way you would like it to be. Everything else comes from working. The poncho is easy to vary, has one size and can also be made for little girls or for tall, strong women. This is described in the instructions.

Our material is easy to care for, does not scratch and, thanks to its composition, is also ideal for babies, small children and allergy sufferers. It can be easily put into the washing machine. We NEVER steam anything, shape while still wet, pluck and let dry and that's it.

The small knots in the color transition are not a defect but necessary, because the new color is always knotted on by hand. However, the knots are so small that you can simply crochet over them and they are then completely invisible in the finished piece. They don't unravel with a special knot - especially since a few centimeters are crocheted into each one.


2 x 300m gradient yarn rosebud, 5f.

1 x crochet hook

Our tip: Of course, other colors can be ordered at no extra charge, please let us know in a message or email etc.!


neck size 70 cm

Width below 154 cm

length 35 cm

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