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Birgit Wyss

"Good Mood Collar"

"Good Mood Collar"

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Usually people don't watch the clock when crafting, but in this case we did. This cuddly, cheerful-looking collar was made in just 5 hours in an - admittedly quite long - evening of needlework (pure knitting and crocheting time, the calculations and the ribbling were not included). Then you can start thinking about Christmas and looking for something suitable in the wool stores!

It's a 1 skein project with some leftover yarn for the border, so works great for stash clearing! We all know: Depleting stash means .... you can buy new wool! ;-) It's not about owning less wool for us, it's about being able to make new purchases! Right?

Only basic knowledge is required for both knitting and crocheting, namely knit stitches and yarn overs when knitting and chain stitches, single crochet stitches, double crochet stitches and double crochet stitches when crocheting.

Of course, this can also be modified - depending on ability and desire and mood.

The colorful collar is a nice touch of color in the rather dreary season and can simply be worn as a collar, ie as a substitute for a scarf, or over the head to keep you warm to be pulled. This type of "neck warmer" is particularly practical for children, as there is no risk of losing the part.

The challenge with such 1-ball projects is always that the dimensions work with the amount of yarn available. Therefore, a lot of ribbling is usually announced until it works and then it fits in the end. We have done this work for you and you only need needles!

Then go into your fundus and look for something nice for this small evening or weekend project! We wish you a lot of fun!


100g Merino Color by Ferner
approx. 20g Essential Cotton dk by Rico
Knitting needles NS 9
Crochet hook no. 3.5


28 cm wide, 34 cm high

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