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Christa Brenner

Knitting instructions knitted cloth "Bernstein"

Knitting instructions knitted cloth "Bernstein"

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This delicate shawl by our partner Christa Brenner is a wonderful mix of light elegance and a casual summer look. Due to its shape and size, you can decide for yourself which style you want to achieve with your scarf.

The original scarf is knitted with 700 meters of Merino Lace yarn. We recommend the colorful yarn Sommerliebe from our range. With its light brown accents and cheerful pink, every cloth becomes an absolute eye-catcher. Guaranteed!

It is knitted sideways, from the narrow to the wide side. This gives you the opportunity to adjust it to your size. Alternating between garter stitch sections and two easy-to-knit pattern sections allows for relaxed knitting. We hope you enjoy reworking and of course wearing your new spring scarf.

Required knowledge:
• pick up stitches
• knit stitches
• purl stitches
• yarn over
• knit 2 stitches together
• knit 2 stitches together covered
• Knit 3 stitches together
• Knit 2 stitches out of one stitch

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