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Birgit Wyss

Stole "Colourful Barn Swallow"

Stole "Colourful Barn Swallow"

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The instructions can be downloaded directly from the shop!

We had 2 nice large balls of yarn in our stores that we really liked in terms of color and that had been waiting for a brilliant idea for a while. At some point we got our hands on a picture of a pretty bird and then the idea was born! Man, those are exactly the colors of the two balls we still have! We picked them out and compared them - indeed! The colors matched!

The result was a design with a middle part that is supposed to symbolize the body of the swallow and the side parts that represent the wings.

The difficulty was in knitting to create the instructions in that the dimensions of the stole match the amount of yarn so that both balls are actually used up. There was a lot of scratching and calculating, but then the instructions were ready. The knitting, on the other hand, is very easy! We did the preparatory work for you!

It turned out to be a wonderful, thick, cozy stole that warms you up and is just right for the cool and cold days, which of course can also be worn as a scarf. It is knitted quickly and the work is entertaining and fun due to the color changes.

You only need to be able to knit garter stitch for the "wings" and a simple cable pattern for the middle part. If you can't or don't want to, you can leave it out. We wanted to set a small highlight with the middle part.

If you use a different yarn, you won't have the colors of the Schwalbe but you'll still have a nice piece to your liking. Maybe you find another animal whose colors match a yarn you have in your stash or see in a shop? Feel free to show us your work!


2 x 150g “Murano” from Austermann (or another yarn with 240m LL/150g)

Size 7 knitting needles

1 cable needles or 1 needle from a double pointed set as an auxiliary needle



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