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Sweater "Carolin" size. 36/38

Sweater "Carolin" size. 36/38

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The knitting kit contains:
• 1,250 m Chiemsee yarn 6f (5 strands alabaster, 1 strand cream)

No. 3 knitting needles are recommended, they are not included in the set!

The instructions can be downloaded directly from the shop!

We have designed a new, stylish, modern sweater for you that goes with any outfit and can be knitted in any color combination. But this time not with a gradient but with different colors that make the whole thing more lively. Our color is simple, but the pullover looks completely different in other colors.

The pullover is a bit oversized and has slightly flared sleeves that give it that certain something. We have completely dispensed with patterns. The sweater impresses with its simplicity, so that even less experienced knitters can dare to do it.

The sleeves are knitted on directly, so that you can try them on while knitting and the annoying and unloved sewing in of the sleeves is also eliminated.

We always try very hard to develop models that are easy to rework and where you can get by without a lot of calculations. It is important to us that the instructions can be easily adapted to smaller or larger sizes without having to convert them.

Of course, the set can be ordered in any other color from the shop. Then just let us know by message, email or something else!

The knitting set contains:

1,250 m Chiemsee yarn 6f (5 threads alabaster, 1 thread cream)

1 x knitting needles no 3 as well as the instructions

Thanks to its simplicity, the pullover still has a few options for modification:

If you don't like the flared sleeves, you can simply omit the increases and decreases in the sleeves.

If you prefer to knit straight up, omit the increases up to the armholes.

If it's too simple for you, you're welcome to knit in a pattern!

Less for other sizes or cast on more stitches or work the parts longer or shorter.

Our model is knitted quite compactly with relatively thin needles, but it is up to you to work it looser with thicker needles.

If you want to make the sweater a little wider or longer, you have to take into account that a little more yarn is needed. So just contact us!

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