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Sweater "White Roses"

Sweater "White Roses"

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The knitting kit contains:
• 1800m 4ply white and the instructions.

Recommended material (not included in the set):
• Knitting needle 80cm, NS 3.5

The instructions can be downloaded directly from the shop!

This time we have created a design that goes with every outfit - in our white, of course, it's particularly good for summer! You can always use a light pullover for cool summer evenings and it spices up every outfit.

We wanted to knit a simple pullover that somehow has the icing on the cake and we thought that this could be built into the sleeves. Thus, the front and back are worked very simply, only with a pattern in the cuffs. This cuff pattern (it's the coffee bean pattern - one of our favorite patterns) is then repeated in the sleeves. These are knitted on directly, which we think is wonderful, because 1. you don't have to sew in sleeves and 2. you can try them on in between and adjust the sleeve length exactly.

We always try to create designs that are easy to rework and which even people with less experience can trust. It is also important to us that the instructions can be adapted to smaller or larger sizes without conversion and other difficulties. Of course, the set can be ordered in any other color from the shop. Then just let us know by message, email or something else!

The knitting set contains:

1800m 4-ply white
knitting needle 80cm, NS 3.5   and the instructions

Thanks to its simplicity, the pullover has a number of possible modifications:

If you don't like the trumpet sleeves, you can simply omit the increases in the sleeves.

If you don't like the If you don't like i-cord finishes, you bind off normally and can crochet a finishing edge over it if you like so that it just looks nicer.

If you don't want a coffee bean pattern, knit a different pattern or just stockinette stitch or im Cuffs eg 2 rows / 2 l or 1 row / 1 l.
Of course, other patterns can be used according to taste.

For other sizes, cast on fewer or more sts or work the parts longer or shorter.

If you want to make the jumper a little bigger, you have to take into account that a little more yarn is needed. So just get in touch with us!

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