Wir sind jetzt Chiemseegarn! - Chiemseegarn

We are now Chiemseegarn!

Hello my dears. Many of you have been accompanying us and our shop through the online world for many years now. In the process, we've made many changes to our websites, logos, and even names.

First our shop was called Wollmarkt24, then Birgits Wollmarkt and now Chiemseegarn. But that's not the only thing, our products used to be called Schwarzwaldgarn. But why all this?

How Black Forest yarn became Chiemsee yarn.

When you start to manufacture and sell a brand or a product, you are faced with many questions. What should it be called, where do I offer it, what is expected of me?

Of course we are not professionals in brand building or anything like that and it was always important to us to be able to do everything ourselves and not to work with 10 different agencies that put their stamp on us.

That's why we decided to start with Birgit's Wollmarkt and sell our Black Forest yarns there. But then came the separation from my husband and the move to Siegsdorf in Bavaria - a whole new phase of life began.

Of course you can't continue to sell Black Forest yarns if you live on Lake Chiemsee, so we quickly realized: even if the Black Forest yarns are already known: we want to be honest and keep it simple - we're renaming our yarns Chiemseegarn.

Birgit's wool market and the Chiemsee yarns

You have known our online shop www.birgits-wollmarkt.de for a long time. Our shop has been online since November 2016 and we sell our popular gradient yarns under the name Chiemseegarn.

But we quickly realized that this caused some confusion. So are we the Chiemseegarn brand or Birgit's Wollmarkt? And how are the yarns called, Chiemseegarn or Birgit's Wollmarkt Garn?

We regularly had to ensure clarity here and explain why we have now decided to take a radical step.

A shop. A name. A brand. Chiemsee Yarn.

Die neue Webseite von Chiemseegarn

We want to focus on the essentials - our handmade gradient yarns, which we lovingly design and manufacture for you by hand. Our Chiemsee yarns.

More than ever, our name stands for:

  • High quality
  • Large selection
  • Personal contact
  • Fast Shipping
  • Authentic handwork

By merging our shops, we would like to offer you an even larger selection, design even more great products for you and have even more time to talk to you.

We really hope that you understand that your usual shop is no longer available, but that all products from Birgit's Wollmarkt are now listed on this page.

If you can't find one of the yarns from our old shop, just send us a message to info@chiemseegarn.de or via Facebook.

Best regards from the Chiemgau to you.

Birgit Wyss

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