Collection: Bobble wool

Here you will find our handmade Bobbel & Bobbel wool from Chiemseegarn. All bobbles are made especially for you after your order. The cones for our yarns come from Bavaria and are 100% handcrafted here in our manufactory. 100% Made in Germany.

What is Bobbel wool?

Bobbel wool is a yarn made by hand from three or more thin threads of a cone yarn. Several thin threads from our cone yarns are twisted into one yarn. This process is called wrapping.

The production differs depending on whether you want a gradient yarn, a single-colored yarn or a confetti yarn and is different in complexity.

But one thing is the same for all our bobbles, each of our yarns is manufactured with love, care and under the highest quality standards in Bavaria.

How can I buy your Bobbel wool?

For us it is very important that you find your way around our online shop as easily as possible and at the same time have as many options as possible.

Once you have chosen a thread, you can select the run length, the number of threads (thread count) and the color of a glitter thread and add it to your shopping cart.

If you have everything you need, you can access all the products you have saved on the right-hand side of our shop under the "Shopping Cart" tab.

We offer you numerous payment options so that you are guaranteed to find the right one for you and you don't have to cancel your purchase.

What material is your yarn made of?

At the moment we only have one quality of cone yarn in our online shop, a wonderful yarn from the company TVU from Bavaria, which consists of 50% cotton and 50% polyacrylic (acrylic).

This composition is important to combine the positive properties of both yarns. Because cotton is very absorbent and offers a high level of comfort, while polyacrylic is extremely hard-wearing and ensures the longevity of your knitted or crocheted work.

As with alloys or composite materials, we manage to combine the best of both worlds with this mixture.

If you want to learn more about this, we recommend our blog article "Why do we make our gradient yarns out of polyacrylic and cotton" or ours care instructions.

How are gradient bobbles made?

Our gradient bobbles, also known as gradient yarns or gradient yarns, are made from at least three threads of cone yarn. These threads are twisted together to create a multi-thread yarn.

But in order to achieve the typical color gradient of our color gradient yarns, the threads have to change color after a certain distance. This is achieved by cutting the threads after a run length and tying them to a new thread of a different color.

This process is laborious manual work and also justifies the comparatively high price compared to industrial wool or other yarns that are manufactured by machines. Because even the smallest of our bobbles need a lot of knots.

How are single color bobbles made?

Like our other bobble yarns, our single-colored bobbles are made from several threads of our cone yarn. These are twisted together and processed into a coherent yarn.

However, unlike our gradient yarns, single-colored yarns don't need to be knoted, making them easier to manufacture. However, they must be made by hand and with care.

How are colorful bobbles made?

Our colorful bobbles are a bit like a mixture of gradient yarn and single-colored bobbles. Because here, from the beginning, several differently colored cone yarns are twisted together, but without the need for knots in the yarn itself.

This means that the confetti yarns or colorful bobbles are easier to work with than our gradient yarns. Nevertheless, they require some manual work and the care that has become our trademark.

Who makes your bobbles?

Well, we and our team at Chiemseegarn, of course. As a small family business, Chiemseegarn started winding gradient yarns in the basement in 2015. After a short time, however, our customers were so enthusiastic about us that we started to build a real small factory in the former workshop of our house.

Meanwhile, we are very proud to have created several jobs in our region even in the crisis year 2020 and to deliver honest products, honest craftsmanship and our well-known stunning quality all over the world with a team of young employees from the region .

What works can be made from your Bobbel wool?

The works you make from our yarns depend more on the thread thickness than on the actual yarn. In general, one can say that our yarns are particularly suitable for making triangular scarves, pullovers, ponchos and throws.

But cuffs, hats, jackets and generally artistically designed individual pieces are also available. Just make sure that you don't knit any works that will later be exposed to dirt. This is true for knitwear in general, but especially for the mostly delicate pieces for which you will usually order gradient bobbles.

Examples of rather unsuitable knitwear are socks, trousers and underwear.

Which Bobbel wool qualities are still coming to your online shop?

Of course we would like to offer you many more creative ideas and qualities for the future. But this always requires large amounts of raw material and we have to be sure that the yarn qualities are really good to knit with at the end.

In 2021 we definitely plan to include merino wool as a yarn quality in our shop. Because merino is such an incredibly versatile yarn with such great properties that we have been looking forward to working with it for a long time.

Sooner or later we would also like to offer mixed yarns made of silk, mohair and cashmere in our online shop. If you have good ideas for yarn yourself, then send us a message to or contact us via social media. We look forward to any of your ideas.

Can you also buy your Bobbel wool in shops?

No, so far our bobbles can only be bought in our own online shop. Of course, we would be happy if shops would include our gradient yarns in their range, but for various reasons this is not so easy. Because in contrast to other manufacturers, we offer you handwork to order and do not ship stock items that you could also put in a shop.

In addition, contact with you as a customer is extremely important to us.Because that's the only way we know which yarns are popular, what your wishes are and especially who you are. We write to many of our customers personally several times a week, exchange instructions and news and form partnerships and friendships.

This may not be the way other manufacturers are going, and maybe not even the most lucrative way to buy as many gradient yarns as possible, but it is definitely the way we are closest to you and the one we prefer to go.