Collection: knitting instructions

Each knitting pattern in our range is either written by us, knitted and photographed, or by one of our partners. It is particularly important to us that the knitting instructions are simple and understandable and you can see that they were made by us or our knitting partners ourselves. If you also write great guides and need a place to share them, send us a message.

General information about our instructions

With us you can find the right knitting instructions for many different occasions and qualities. It contains numerous tips and tricks on how to best work your pieces.

In addition, most of our instructions are illustrated step-by-step, which makes it much easier for you to work through the individual steps.

All of our instructions are written in German and offer you detailed explanations on how best to implement your works. If you haven't yet mastered the basics, such as purl stitches, knit stitches or knitting in general, you should take a look at our Youtube Channel.

We have created a few videos there that simply explain how you can easily work simple knitting instructions for hats or scarves, for example.

Knitting instructions for gradient yarns and Bobbel wool

Most of our knitting patterns have been created by us for our own products. So these are mainly knitting instructions that deal with the processing of gradient yarns and bobble wool .

Because when it comes to knitting patterns for Bobbel wool, there are a few things to keep in mind. The distribution of the color gradients must be planned in advance, sleeves, collars or similar parts that are knitted up afterwards must match the rest of the piece.

If you just knit wildly, you can experience a nasty surprise with color gradient yarns if the wonderful color gradient is not where it should be. But as already mentioned, we have prepared a lot for you, always offer free knitting instructions and of course we look forward to providing you with even more beautiful instructions in the future.

To make everything even easier for you, we have included the option of buying the instructions as a set for many of our knitting instructions. With a knitting set you get the instructions, the yarn and the required knitting needle delivered to your home in a suitable package.

In the long term, we would of course like to provide free instructions for all pieces that come to mind. That way, you always have a suitable, high-quality pattern to hand with every yarn.

Also suitable for beginners

Our knitting instructions are not only for professionals and advanced users, quite the opposite, they are also aimed at absolute beginners. It is important to us that beginners also have easy access to our gradient yarns, which is why many of our instructions are also suitable for learning to knit.

So that you can get to work without much previous knowledge, we offer you step-by-step explanations in all of our instructions on how to work your work.

So that you can be sure that your knowledge is sufficient, there are many free instructions in our shop.So you can choose one of the free patterns and first find out if you understand the technical documentation before you buy your wool

Free knitting patterns

We are often asked why we actually have so many free knitting patterns in our shop. Well, the thing is actually quite simple. We put a lot of effort into our instructions and are firmly convinced that you can see that too.

That's why we don't shy away from giving away our instructions, but of course we hope that you will work your work with one of our gradient yarns in return. So you have a great Bobbel to work with and we can continue to create wonderful free knitting instructions for you.

Because what might only look like a few pictures and a few sets of instructions is quite a bit of work. As you can see from our pictures, we work through each of our knitting instructions ourselves, correct mistakes and ensure a better cut.

In this way, we can implement our quality standards for all of our patterns and are sure that every pattern works. It would be bad if you knit one of our beautiful gradient yarns and found out at the end that the instructions didn't work or were incorrect.

More useful tips and tricks

As briefly described above, we not only offer you normal and free knitting instructions for gradient yarns and bobble wool, but also a lot of other useful information.

In our Bobbel Blog you can always find inspiration for great knitting, discover other sites that also provide instructions or tips, and learn to knit from scratch on our YouTube channel.

We also founded a creative group on Facebook, which has now grown to an incredible 4000 members. Here, knitting enthusiasts exchange ideas about their latest creations, present their personal bobbles and desired windings, publish their own instructions and share funny pictures.

Of course, we would also appreciate your visit to our Facebook group, so drop by and get involved.

If you also have questions about our instructions, gradient yarns or other products, you can contact us at any time via Facebook, email, Instagram or telephone. We are guaranteed to help you quickly and easily.

Well, enough about us for now, take your time and look around our online shop and look for nice knitting instructions and the right yarn.