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Birgit Wyss

Trachten jacket "Ludwig", size. 98/104

Trachten jacket "Ludwig", size. 98/104

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Included in the set:
• 1000 m 5-ply brown, 100 m 5-ply mocha

Materials required (not included in the set):
• Knitting needle 4.0
• Crochet hook 4.0
• 5 buttons

• Height: 104 cm
• Width: 35 cm
• Length 42 cm
• Sleeve length from center of neckline 47 cm

Gauge: 28 sts x 44 rows

The instructions can be downloaded directly from the shop!

You need this to work:


  • 1000 m 5-ply brown, 100 m 5-ply mocha
  • knitting needle 4.0
  • Crochet hook 4.0
  • 5 buttons (NOT included in the set!)
  • Instructions


  • Height: 104 cm
  • Width: 35cm
  • Length 42cm
  • Sleeve length from the middle of the neckline 47 cm

Stitch tension: 28 sts x 44 rows

Traditional jacket to knit for children

This beautiful knitted traditional jacket for children is perfect to keep the little ones nice and warm even in the cold season. The yarn used consists of five threads and ensures that the whole jacket is nice and warm and cuddly. When creating this jacket, it was particularly important to us to make the instructions as simple as possible so that everyone really gets their money's worth when knitting the traditional jacket.

For example, the sleeves are not knitted on immediately, which has the great advantage that 1. you don't have to sew in and 2. you can try on while knitting whether the length of the jacket fits.

As with all our knitting and crochet kits, you can choose which color you want to use. Simply write to us with your order or via Facebook, Whatsapp or email which color you would like and we will make the appropriate yarn for you. Of course without additional costs. You can find an overview of our single-colored yarns here.

We deliberately leave the choice of buttons to you in this set. Tastes differ and buttons are cheap everywhere, so we let you choose which buttons you like best and which ones suit your style best.

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