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Birgit Wyss

cloth "country life"

cloth "country life"

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Included in the set:
• 400m 4ply baby pink yarn in one color
• 400m 4ply swan's nest gradient yarn

Materials required (not included in the set):
• 100cm circular needle (a long needle because there are a lot of stitches at the end)

• Height 78cm
• Width 200cm

The instructions can be downloaded directly from the shop!

We have designed a particularly simple shawl for you, which despite this, or perhaps because of it, has become beautiful and effective at the same time. Using two bobbins of our Chiemsee yarn, we have designed a pattern that consists almost exclusively of knit stitches and yarn overs.

This really simple technique is ideal for knitting this cuddly, large shawl with its beautiful color gradients. The highlight is the combination of a single-colored yarn and a multicolored gradient yarn. This can be worked tone on tone, but in order to achieve the desired effect, it is advisable to achieve contrasting colors or to use a single-colored yarn that does not appear in the gradient yarn. With different color combinations, this scarf can work for a sporty, elegant or extravagant occasion. It will look completely different every time! Please let us know which color you would like by message, email or something else.

Of course, the shawl can also be knitted with any yarn and the size can be varied. Just knit as long as the yarn lasts, but if you want the i-cord finish, allow for it! If you want the shawl to be a little more delicate, you can knit it with 3-ply yarn, if you want it to be fluffy and cuddly, you can knit it with up to 8-ply yarn. It is sold in a set with 4-ply yarn. Please notify us of any change requests BEFORE ordering, as the price will then change slightly: additional threads are more expensive per 100m, but you need less thread. We then have to enter that into the system ourselves, but that's no problem! Just ask!

The original towel is knitted with gradient yarn, which is very easy to care for and machine washable. Then simply lay it out to dry and pluck it into shape. It doesn't warp and is cuddly soft.


Height 78cm, width 200cm

Material: (included in the knitting set)

● 400m 4ply single-colored yarn baby pink
● 400m 4ply 4ply gradient yarn swan's nest
● 100cm circular knitting needle (a long needle because there are a lot of stitches at the end!)

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