CAL Dreieckstuch "Ein Tag in den Chiemgauer Bergen" - Chiemseegarn

CAL triangular scarf "A day in the Chiemgau mountains"

On September 24th, 2021 the time has finally come for us to start our CAL  "A day in the mountains" for crochet friends. CAL means that we will work through a crochet pattern together in several steps. Every step is a surprise, because the colors or color combinations tell a little story about what we see during a day in the mountains, so we experience a day together here in the Alps where Chiemseegarn is at home.

How to join our CAL:

  1. Order the bobble set for the CAL
  2. Make a request for the CAL group (if you don't have Facebook, send us an email to and we'll email you the instructions )
  3. On September 24th, 2021, the first part of the instructions will be published and we'll get started together
  4. The other 3 parts follow every 2 weeks

For the shawl you need medium crochet skills. But it's not complicated at all and you have the other fellow crocheters and us for support!

The CAL is designed for our yarn and you need 1400m of 4ply yarn. This is broken down as follows:

300m salmon / mango / gold

each 150m aqua and white

600m candy / red / violet / purple

200m Atlantic

It is crocheted with a 3-needle, which is not included in the set, but if you need one you can of course order it! But as always, it depends on whether someone works tightly or loosely.

Of course you can also participate if you choose a different color combination - then the little story doesn't fit anymore, but it doesn't matter for the CAL itself; the shawl will still be beautiful! If you would like other colors, please simply state them in the information field when ordering or use the usual contact channels.

There is a separate Facebook group for the CAL: CAL "One day in the Chiemgau mountains"! The individual CAL parts are published here. Since the bobbles are different sizes, i.e. the parts take different lengths of time, the instruction parts are posted every 14 days so that everyone really has enough time and doesn't have to lag behind.

You get access to the CAL group as soon as you have bought your CAL bobble set. Please make a request and I'll add you to it!

Please register with us for the CAL by September 17, 2021 at the latest! Your bobbles still have to be wrapped and shipped! But of course we will try to send incoming orders on time even after this date! You can always join later if you want! That's no problem at all.

We would - as always - be very happy about pictures of the progress and then the finished works!

The instructions may not be passed on!

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