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Pretty ponchos for the transitional period

Modische Ponchos für die Übergangszeit strickenPonchos are always trendy and they are so wonderfully 70s like! Casual, chic, uncomplicated and extravagant.

Assuming you know how to combine them. Because under no circumstances should the outfit look “put together”. The more voluminous the poncho is, the more you have to make sure that the legwear looks rather slim. So please do not wear any baggy skirts, nor long maxi skirts that fall wide. It is better to choose narrow, tight skirts or equally narrow trousers such as skinny jeans or leggings. High boots look nice with it.

Of course, a sweater with slim sleeves should be used as a top, not thick wool sweaters underneath. Long-sleeved shirts and turtlenecks are good choices.

Ponchos keep you nice and warm in the transitional period and replace a jacket. They are cuddly and feel good. They don't feel as tight as a jacket, so you actually feel wonderfully free with a poncho - until the next downpour comes. You should be prepared for that and have an umbrella with you or a rain jacket to pull over, because of course it's no fun getting soaked with a wool poncho.

One disadvantage of the poncho is that you can no longer wear a jacket over it due to its voluminous cut. So it really is first and foremost a pretty feel-good item for cooler but dry days. If you are unsure about the weather, you should opt for a weatherproof jacket. But it is ideal for shopping, strolling and city trips.

Pretty knitted poncho with cables and color gradient:

This elegant and comfortably warm poncho is cut like bat wings. The triangular shape makes it look slimmer than other models. It is also very advantageous due to its medium-short length. The thick turtleneck is very pretty and its ribbed pattern is repeated at the hem. The not-so-simple cable pattern is an eye-catcher, which will be a lot of fun for knitting friends. Many gradient yarns from Chiemseegarn are suitable for this great piece!

Short shoulder warmers with an effective pattern

You get really snuggly warm at this sight! The wonderfully thick shoulder warmer is simply knitted with 4 threads so that the pattern looks so wonderfully three-dimensional!

And: the seed stitch is actually suitable for beginners! But it's even nicer that the good piece is just a rectangle. This means: no slipping or picking up stitches, just knit straight up. Really ideal for all less experienced knitters.

What do you do with a shoulder warmer? Such a piece is wonderfully comfortable to wear, because you don't have to sort it again and again like a scarf. Once put on, it always fits. You can't lose it either. The shoulder warmer is perfect for little snowball fights in front of the house. And whenever you feel a bit chilly upstairs, despite the jacket, you can put it on. Of course, it only fits well over tops that don't have voluminous collars.

Poncho with sleeves: knit swancho

Perhaps you didn't know: a poncho with sleeves is called a swancho. If it's particularly beautiful, you can feel like a beautiful swan with wings. This one has a great sculpted pattern.

However, the completion is not so easy: you have to knit the triangles together again and again. Three pieces each, the fourth is sewn to the first triangle. This is the only way to create the beautiful diamond pattern.By the way, the sleeves appear almost by themselves! You can only tell by the 12 cm long ribbed cuffs that they are going to be sleeves

XXL poncho as a set of clothes

This knitted poncho looks like an extravagant knitted dress. It consists of two very large pieces that are knitted almost like two blankets. Only for the neckline there is a gap in the lighter part with braids. It looks so unusual and sophisticated because two different colors and patterns are combined. This keeps the slim silhouette, despite the thick cable knit on one side.

The XXL poncho falls as long and wide as a dress. It is therefore best to wear very narrow trousers underneath.


You can knit all of these models with gradient yarns from Chiemseegarn. But always do a swatch so that you can take over the patterns and instructions. You often have to use the gradient yarn in multiple strands. Or maybe you can get creative and design your own ponchos, because the basic patterns are not complicated.

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