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Crochet headband - tips and tricks

stirnband häkelnA headband is no longer just an ear warmer in the cold season. It has now become a stylish accessory. To meet your personal taste, you can easily try it yourself. Crocheting a pretty headband is not difficult! Whether with a twist, cable knit or moss stitch, you can conjure up a DIY headband with a great pattern from a ball of wool. Choose a yarn that you like and get to the needle.

How difficult is it to crochet a headband?

Kinder Stirnband häkeln

The simplest basic knowledge is sufficient in most cases to crochet a headband according to the instructions. For the beginner model, you only need to know how to crochet chain stitches and single crochet stitches. You can then spice it up with a gradient yarn. If you have a little more confidence, you can turn to a challenging guide to crocheting a headband. In addition to a wide variety of patterns, you can also add decorative elements such as bows.

How exactly do you crochet a headband?

Häkeln Stirnband

You don't need much to crochet a headband, even following the instructions! A Bobbel, a needle of the right size and a measuring tape are sufficient. First you have to determine the desired head circumference. Once that's done, you can get started right away. Usually you first crochet as many chain stitches until the desired length is reached. Now you close the row with a slip stitch to form a round and crochet the rows straight up. Alternatively, you can crochet in rows and then sew the headband together at the desired length.

When choosing your wool, you should make sure that you choose a soft and easy-to-wash material. In winter, cozy yarns such as merino or alpaca are particularly suitable. You can also use lighter cotton for the summer.

Please always make sure that you get different sizes depending on the thread or needle size when working according to the instructions. If you are using a yarn other than the one in your pattern, a swatch and regular measurement is helpful. However, you are welcome to use this table as a guide. As always, however, this does not replace the exact measurement of your own chain of chain stitches.

needle size
head circumference in cm
chain stitches
3 44 96
50 112
54 120
4 44 84
50 96
54 104
5 44 72
50 84
54 88
6 44 60
50 68
54 72
7 44 48
50 56
54 60
8 44 40
50 48
54 52

What different patterns can a headband have?

Muster häkeln Stirnband

In addition to the classic headband, we are presenting a few other ways to vary your individual headbands with simple patterns.

The classic:

You hit the desired number of chain stitches and close the ring with a chain stitch. Now you crochet approx. 6-7 rows with half double crochet upwards, depending on the desired width.Don't forget to start each row with a chain stitch and close it with a slip stitch

Once different:

For this you do not crochet in rounds, but in rows back and forth. This will give you a vertical pattern. You can always measure while crocheting whether the headband is already the desired length. Depending on the width you want, you can vary between about 6-10 chain stitches. Remember that you will need a turning chain on each new row. It's a good idea to leave the beginning or end thread long enough to sew the headband together.

The cable pattern:

A headband with cables is also crocheted in rows. You can vary whether the entire headband should have a cable pattern or whether, for example, only the front half should be worked in this pattern. When choosing the width, make sure that the number of chain stitches can be divided by the desired number of cable strands. In the case of a classic braid, that would be 3 strands, so 9 chain stitches can be cast on, for example. For the last of the above variants, work about half the desired length in half double crochet. Now you can crochet three stitches upwards as individual strands and then braid them.

The twist:

To crochet a twisted headband, work in rows again. You can crochet in half double crochets or choose any pattern. Before sewing, turn your headband once so right sides are together. If the twist sticks out too much, you can sew the envelope with a few stitches.

Of course, you don't always have to stick to half double crochet. Whether you crochet in rows or rounds, there are almost no limits to your imagination. You can crochet your headband with moss stitch, star stitch, seed stitch or with treble crochet. Depending on the yarn and color used, the most diverse variants are created. Take a look at Pinterest, you'll find plenty of inspiration there.

Now nothing stands in the way of your 'headband' project. Just follow the five steps below and you'll have your finished product in your hands in just a few hours!

Step 1: Measure the head

Step 2: choose yarn

Step 3: Make a swatch

Step 4: Choose pattern

Step 5: Get started

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