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Team knitting or team crocheting?

It's finally that time again: Spring is here! What does that mean for you? New season, new projects! A pretty cardigan is particularly useful in these temperatures, for example, as you can take it off at any time if you get too warm. And because in our online shop you can find such a nice selection of different color gradient yarns nothing stands in the way of the whole thing.

You might be asking yourself the question: “Should I crochet or knit my new project? And what exactly is the difference?" In today's post, we'll show you exactly how the various techniques actually differ, what they have in common and whether you can tell a difference from the look of your new, finished project alone.

First of all, let's clarify the various terms together.



To put it simply, knitting uses a loop technique that uses two needles to create a fabric. Individual stitches are created, which you gradually work either in consecutive rows or rounds.

First you pick up a cast-on, then you pick up as many stitches on a needle as you want your knitting to be wide. If you are right-handed you take this needle in your left hand. You are now holding the second needle in your right hand. With this you pierce the first stitch, then grab the tightly pulled thread, pull it through the stitch and let the old stitch slide off the left needle.

Now you have a new stitch, which is on your right needle, the so-called “work needle”.

You should also consider that you naturally have more stitches on the needles and they can therefore slip down faster, leaving room for mistakes and "annoyances".


Your crochet hook usually has a small hook at the tip and you work with a loop. To create a row, stitch into a single stitch, working your way around a loop. This loop technique makes your fabric stiffer and less flexible.

However, you should be prepared for the fact that crocheted projects will definitely take more time than knitted projects. However, the crochet technique offers a lot space for creativity and works that finer, smaller and more delicate.


If you make a mistake while crocheting, that's not so bad. Crochet forgives this much faster than knitting projects, since you can easily unravel the “failed” spot. When it comes to knitting, things get more complicated again.

Frau beim Stricken


The most obvious difference between knitting and crocheting is that when knitting you need two and when crocheting you only need one Needle need.

It's interesting to know that you use more gradient wool or single-colored yarn when crocheting than when knitting. Of course, this leads to crocheted projects stronger, heavier and thus stable become your knitted variants.For example, tablecloths, potholders or cuddly toys should of course be firmer

Another difference between knitting and crocheting is that when knitting you have coarser stitches and these loose will fall. Knitted works are thus flexible and flowing in their properties. Projects such as socks, blankets, scarves or sweaters are ideal for this, as the items should be stretchy and light.


You work

flat works in rows and three-dimensional in Rounds.

For more inspiration, please have a look at our instructions!


Knit two needles, crochet one - so far so good. Since we have already clarified the differences between the two techniques, let's now look at the similarities.

A relatively obvious similarity that both techniques provide is the creation of a piece based on bobble wool threads. Of course, you don't have to use gradient yarn for every project - it works just as well with monochrome yarn. With both handicrafts it is possible to create useful and beautiful things.

What you may not recognize immediately, but feel after a while, is the positive effect on your health. Knitting or crocheting is meditative and helps you reduce stress and can even Alleviate depressive moods. You also train your brain with these wonderful handicrafts, because you naturally concentrate and fully on your project focus. A new kind of meditation is emerging!


What's easier?

I would say it depends. You could also say it is “a matter of type”. Many customers often tell us that they find crocheting easier because you only use one needle and loop, so even minor mistakes don't matter that much.

Therefore, schools often taught crocheting first and then knitting, because this technique was considered easier.

For many, the advantage of knitting is that you can always clearly see the stitches, whereas crocheting requires a little more practice and concentration and therefore more patience. At least at the beginning.

However, don't worry - the internet is now full of tips and tricks for beginners. You decide what is ultimately easier for you - find out!


So in conclusion we can say - each technique offers its own advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, both handicrafts have a wonderful and valuable thing in common: They promote your creativity and do something good for your brain. In addition, and we think this is a very important feature, these techniques have a meditative effect on you and your body.

Whether knitting or crocheting, both will help you Reduce stress - and that's worth a lot in today's fast-paced society!

Since you should now be sufficiently informed about knitting or crocheting, it's up to you! Team knitting or team crocheting? Find out easily and just try out different projects.

Brille auf Stoff

You can find various inspirations in our instructions. Don't be frustrated if it doesn't work the way you want it to.It's all a matter of practice. No master has fallen from the sky yet.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact us at any time using the contact form. We appreciate your feedback!

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