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Christmas knitting and crochet ideas

Strick- und Häkelideen zur Weihnachtszeit

Santa socks with massage effect

These red and white socks are wonderfully cuddly and above all funny. The border made of white long-haired wool is an absolute must. This will quickly get you into the Christmas spirit! These socks are a pleasure to wear on cozy evenings at home. Of course they are also a great gift idea!

Knit decorative gift bags

Santa Claus left them: Small, very pretty gift bags, knitted in red and white, of course, and in the Norwegian pattern. Perfect for giving small gifts to family members or dear friends. It's best to let a fir branch flash out.

Chair cover in the shape of a Santa hat

It's a bit of work to knit these several times, but it's a lot of fun! And once you have knitted four pieces, you can use them again and again for years throughout the Advent season. Of course you can also use the hats as decoration elsewhere in the apartment.

Knit Christmas decorations for the table and tree

It's still time until Christmas and we can spend the cold evenings at home knitting or crocheting decorative figures for the table and tree. Once you've started knitting moose, angels or stars, you'll find it hard to stop. Especially when everyone who sees the little fellows is enthusiastic and wants one too.

One is easily infected by this new wave of knitting, which is not limited to practical things at all, but particularly affects decorative objects.

Crochet reindeer: preferably a lot of them!

You can let small reindeer dangle from the tree or you can make them as table decorations. This is dear to the heart and also pleases Christmas grouches. When they come in packs, it looks even better. Of course you can also give them to your guests. If you want it to be a pendant, then sew a thread onto the little animal.

Image plus instructions:

Santa hats as napkin rings

Quickly knitted and versatile: You can of course also fill the cute hats with gingerbread and all kinds of sweets or with small gifts. Small fir branches are also decoratively inserted.

Candy canes knitted as pendants

Candy canes are mainly hung on trees in America. It used to be real candy canes, which of course you can still hang in the tree like this. In Germany, however, they are more difficult to obtain. They are more likely to be found as decoration. But why not knit yourself? This way they look even more comfortable and cannot break.

Knit Christmas sweater

Perhaps you know the trend from the USA to decorate yourself with Christmas sweaters that are as "ugly" as possible, i.e. rather garishly colorful and somewhat tasteless? It's become a sport among celebrities to be photographed in ugly Christmas sweaters. The trend is also spilling over to us a bit. It's up to you whether the sweaters have to be really tasteless or just pretty for Christmas. All sorts of Christmas motifs such as snowmen, Christmas trees, reindeer or Santa Claus himself can be depicted on the sweater.

Of course, these sweaters can look very nice if you use harmonious colors, for example a white Norwegian pattern on a red background and a white snowman on it. Or a reindeer in brown with a red nose on a green background.These pullovers only become ugly or ugly if you get the colors wrong and mix everything too brightly. The Americans play with it and enjoy it. It's just part of the season to wear Christmas jumpers. We present you with a guide here. Basically, all you need is a normal sweater pattern, which you knit in stockinette stitch. A Christmas picture is then knitted into it. You can also find templates and motifs on the web.

Mesh gauge for a pattern with fir trees:

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