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Simply knit Christmas decorations

Knitted Christmas decorations look cosy, warm and cosy. It has something of Scandinavian lightness when you choose it in the colors red and white. But of course you are free in the color design. Here are some great ideas that you can knit with our gradient yarns.

Weihnachtsdeko einfach selber stricken

Knitted Advent wreaths:

You can find numerous examples of knitted Advent wreaths on the web and they look really good! Of course, the wreaths are not knitted completely, but you knit around a Styrofoam handicraft wreath. Usually you choose thick wool and a coarse knit pattern or, like here, a nice wintry cable pattern. Of course you can also use the knitted wreath as a door decoration. You don't even need a lot of jewelry. Beautiful ribbons, a few stars, maybe made of wood, strings of pearls, bows, small bows and decorative animals are ideal additions.

Of course you are completely free in your choice and can really let off steam creatively. Such a wreath looks very homely and cosy, so don't be afraid to put one up! In addition, it does not needle and always looks fresh!

Basically, you don't need instructions at all. You measure the diameter of the craft wreath and knit it around as a tube. Sew together, done!

Adventskranz zum selber machen

Knitted Christmas tree balls and stars

Knitted Christmas tree balls and knitted stars as pendants are very enchanting and cuddly. Of course, the little ones especially love that, because you just have to hold the soft parts in your hand. Knitted tree ornaments provide comfort and are a great contrast to glass ornaments and smooth materials. The guests will also be happy about the knitted and cotton-filled little stars when they discover them as a gift on the table! This is a lasting gift that can be used again and again every year. Or you can use them as gift tags.

The Norwegian pattern in red and white looks great, of course, as in our example. This immediately exudes Scandinavian cosiness and puts you in a good mood. The balls are simply styrofoam balls that you knit around. We would advise against knitting over old Christmas tree balls. These break quickly and then the ball no longer has any shape and you also have glass splinters in the knitted fabric.

The knitted stars consist of nothing but small diamonds that are sewn together and filled with fluffy cotton wool.

Here you will find instructions for balls:

Here you have a nice Norwegian pattern to knit:

Hübsche Norwegermuster

Here is a guide for orbs:

Gestrickte Weihnachtskugeln

Knit small Christmas trees

You can't have enough of these: Small knitted Christmas trees with different patterns, sometimes decorated, sometimes plain. You don't necessarily need instructions for this, as you can see that the trees only have to be long, pointed triangles. You can also change the basic shape according to your taste. The trees in the group look funny when each one looks a little bit different. Then you have a small knitting tree forest. You can fill the trees thickly and cuddly, then they will look more plastic. If you want them to look adorned, small sequins sewn on are enough.

Gestrickte Tannenbäume

Knitted angels

Little angels in a group look adorable and can be designed individually. It's best to make everyone a different facial expression and let them sing.Of course, the little angels can also transport something, such as a burning candle or gifts or a little bell. If you want it to be more glamorous, give the dress a gold edge with lurex yarn. The hair can also be worked with gold threads or silver threads.

Gehäkelte Weihnachtsbäumchen

Knitted egg cosies for the Sundays in Advent

These knitted egg cosies look cute and inviting, and you can use them throughout Advent or give them to your friends. The napkin ring is an even nicer gag, but it doesn't have to be. You can also use such little hats as general decoration and hang them in the Christmas tree. They are also suitable as an advent calendar. For this you knit 24 pieces and fill them and hang them upside down on a long cord.

Gehäkelte Eierwärmer

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