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Where can I buy gradient yarns cotton-acrylic?

I'm constantly looking for new and inexpensive methods to create beautiful, unique pieces. For this reason I would like to answer the question for you in this blog post:

Where can you buy gradient yarns cotton-acrylic?

The color gradient wool, whether dirty gray or creamy white, is now so trendy and a bestseller at the same time that this special cotton-acrylic yarn can be bought almost everywhere. You can determine what is the easiest way for you. It doesn't matter whether it's around the corner from your favorite trusted knitwear store or from the comfort of your own home.

In the following blog post I will explain to you what is special about the type and processing of the wool mixture. You will receive information on where you can buy cheap and high-quality bobbles. I give you tips to avoid beginner mistakes when buying. With the goal that you never want to be without your homemade favorite again.

I will briefly introduce you to the advantages of using a gradient yarn so that you can understand why the bobble is so popular. The professional crocheters and those who would like to become one agree on this. It is so easy to process the Bobbel that it can almost become addictive.

The gradient yarn consists of a yarn with a long running length, so it is not necessary to sew the threads together. The variations of Bobbeln have no end and speak for themselves. Therefore, it is almost unnecessary to use complicated crochet patterns. Simplicity counts here, which at the same time minimizes the time required and increases the joy.

You can buy the bobbles here

Thankfully, gradient yarn has become a staple for crochet and knit enthusiasts, so you can buy it just about anywhere and start your projects. It is up to you how you want and can get the yarn, what your budget is and whether you are a beginner or already a wool pro. There is something for everyone.

A little overview

- online shops

- Direct sale at Factory

- Outlet

- Knitting Shop

- Junk Shop

I'm also always on the hunt for bargains and here are the three best ways to buy gradient yarn:

The easiest and most comfortable option on cold and rainy days is definitely the internet. Here you can spend hours with the enormous selection of bobbles that you can choose from be offered. You will find offers that you will not find in stores at all. The offers "buy 2 and get 3" are recommended.

I would like to tell you that you can think about what you would like to buy beforehand.

You can ask yourself the following questions beforehand

- What thickness should your yarn be?

- What do you want to knit/crochet?

- How much do you want to spend?

My testimonials

There is a flood of offers, so it's better if you have a clear idea. Another point I noticed when I ordered the special wool on the Internet. Questions and questions popped up in my head, at that moment I wished I had had an adviser by my side. I can only recommend that, especially if you come into contact with bobbles for the first time.

Once I was ready and happy with my order, all I had to do was wait for my order.The delivery time seems endless when you're looking forward to something. After about five days I received my package. My expectations were high and the colors looked just as real on my laptop.

Conclusion: If you know exactly what you want and already have experience with bobbles and the like, then ordering online is recommended. You can purchase them in any price category.

After the experience, I wanted to continue my education and went to my favorite knitting shop. I personally think it's great to support local businesses. The saleswoman is the best advisor. You can ask all your questions and get additional tips.

You can touch the color gradient wool and feel directly whether you want to work with the material. I can't wait to take the chosen wool home and get started right away. It's also no problem if you misjudge and need more yarn, the nice woman from the knitting shop will order it for you.


If you value advice and quality, the knitting shop is an excellent solution.

Another exciting variant is the junk shop, where you can find bobbles that you hadn't even thought of and that can give you new ideas. If you don't have a clear idea and are open to new inspiration, then it's incredibly fun to browse around. Your wallet will be happy too. However, don't be disappointed if only one of each great yarn is available.


If you want to be inspired and create new ideas in your head, then a visit to the junk shop is definitely worthwhile independently.

That's why it's best to buy cotton-acrylic

The 50/50 mixing ratio (cotton/acrylic) is the star of mixed wool. Due to its robustness, it is very popular with knitting and crochet fans. When manufacturing the yarn, the positive properties of cotton and acrylic are offered in one product.

The unique hand-wound gradient yarns are available in the most beautiful and brightest colors that blend into one another. With this mixed yarn you can start large projects immediately, such as hats, scarves, blankets, sweaters.


- comfortable to wear

- cheap

- different strengths depending on your needs

- vegan

- very strong yarn

- long-lived

- absorbent


- synthetic fiber

- does not retain heat well

- sweats faster

- little breathable

Therefore cotton-acrylic for your gradient yarn


The artificial fibers have characteristics similar to wool, which is why acrylic yarn is very often used as a cheap substitute.

After chemical manufacture, the threads are spun wet or dry. To complete the process, the fibers are then waxed, stretched and dried. The chemical composition in the end product is harmless to health.


The fibers of the cotton yarn are an all-rounder. Thanks to the multitude of positive properties of the yarn, cotton can be processed in a great mixing ratio.

For the processing of organic cotton, the fibers are harvested, cleaned and gutted.They are then sorted by length and further processed for textile production. They are pressed into bales for delivery to the spinning mills.

The combination of vegetable fibers and artificial fibers is a good fusion of positive properties.

The synthetic fibers support your products in terms of resilience, because cotton alone would fray very quickly and change the structure of the cotton fibers.

Thanks to the lightness of the synthetic fibers, you can tackle larger projects. Suppose you want to crochet a blanket out of pure cotton fibers, it would be very heavy and unwieldy to use. It is precisely for this reason that it is advisable to work with a wool mixture. The wool-like property is perfect in combination with cotton.

I'm trying something new right now. I joined a community that puts its heart and soul into making yarn art. It's very exciting and at the same time you broaden your horizons.

You get in touch with other artists and like-minded people. This community also has a category specifically for "Exchange".

You can simply put yarn that you no longer need here. You have the option to sell or trade the wool for a small fee. At the moment there are very nice gradient yarns to swap, which immediately caught my eye.

Through this exchange, I automatically came across a new type of gradient yarn, which I had never tried before. I highly recommend it.

My resume

You can get gradient yarn almost anywhere. It just depends on what you want and what your priorities are. The combination of cotton and acrylic is ideal for robust and large projects.

I would describe it in one sentence as "small budget for big ideas". With that in mind, grab your crochet or knitting needle and get to the wool.

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