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Crochet Soul Warmers - Instructions and Tips

Crochet Soulwarmer

Focus on the crochet soul warmer with free pattern

It is not difficult to crochet a soul warmer. All you need to begin with is some basic crochet knowledge. They are enough to be able to make a modern soul warmer by hand even as a beginner.

Terms such as chain stitches, single crochet stitches, double crochet, half double crochet, double double crochet should not be completely alien to you. It is also important to know the meaning of stitch decrease and stitch increase. Even if you have absolutely no idea, you can still crochet a soul warmer. Appropriate instructions explain exactly how the various stitches come about.

If your last crochet project was so long ago that you simply forgot how to do it, no problem. Then just look at the detailed instructions and hey presto you're back on topic. Do you already have a specific idea of ​​what your soul warmer should look like or are you still looking for the right model? You can be helped. Just look at one or the other free guide for soul warmers. You will surely find what you are looking for and discover the jacket that fits your style perfectly.

Soulwarmers can be crocheted in the form of a kind of bolero or in a longer version, depending on your preference. Both options don't take a lot of time.

Quick guide for crocheted soulwarmers at a glance

With these simple instructions you can crochet - maybe your first - soul warmer in a short time. The model becomes particularly interesting if you use Bobbel wool . This gives you a great color gradient that makes your soul warmer an impressive one-of-a-kind. Chiemseegarn , the top address in this area, even sends the yarns made to measure to order. This promises you a greater influence on the coloring.

But now to the technical part:

Determining the dimensions before crocheting the soul warmer is essential so that the model fits in the end. The length and width, as well as the girth of the arms at the shoulder, matter. You proceed as follows:

    • Width: Extend your arms horizontally and measure the distance between both elbows.
    • Length: The length can be varied as desired while crocheting, as the soul warmer consists of only one piece. Hip length should be around 95 cm.
    • Arm circumference: Measure at the shoulder to determine the armhole.

      1. Take a large rectangular piece of paper and write down the measurements you found in a sketch.
      2. There are many patterns for soul warmers. Crochet beginners usually opt for single crochet stitches. We also recommend these.
      3. You are flexible when choosing the right yarn. Of course it depends on whether you want to crochet a summer soul warmer or the warmer variant for the winter.
      4. And then it's time for the stitch test, which shows you how many stitches you have to cast on to reach your measurements.
      5. Then you have to crochet your chosen pattern for soul warmers in a rectangle until the desired length is reached.
      6. After completion, lay your crochet work on a smooth surface and fold it over once from top to bottom.
      7. Now it's time for the armholes. To do this, measure the length required for the cutout from both sides from the folded edge and sew the rest together up to the opening.

      After unfolding, the soul warmer is ready to try on! We hope you are happy with the result and want more of it. Congratulations!

      Crochet Soulwarmer
      Crochet a summer soul warmer

      Dressing lightly is part of summer. However, the evenings in the warm season can be quite cool. A good alternative to the conventional cardigan is an airy crocheted soul warmer.

      Tips for Beginners

      1. Anyone who has already crocheted soul warmers with a pattern will have recognized how well it works. Beginners in particular are advised to first download a free soul warmer guide. If it then unexpectedly doesn't work out with the crochet, at least there is no financial loss.
      2. It is advisable to use high-quality yarns when crocheting the first soul warmer. This also applies to Bobbel wool with its interesting color gradients. High-quality products such as those from Chiemseegarn are easier to process and produce better results.
      3. As a beginner, you may not know what bobble yarn means. Here the fibers are not twisted. The threads are arranged side by side. This allows different color combinations to be realized, which create a fantastic color gradient when crocheting soul warmers and other handicrafts.

      Get the Soul Warmer Crochet Pattern for free

      You don't need to invest any money to find the right crochet pattern for a great soul warmer. We have put together the most beautiful free instructions for you. Take your time to look at the soul warmers that convinced us and choose the right soul warmer pattern based on the crochet stitches you know.

      A free soul warmer crochet pattern is a great thing, especially for beginners. crochet

      Crochet a soul warmer Bobbel with free instructions

      A particularly beautiful soul warmer , which not least convinces with the interesting Bobbel color gradient. The instructions are also suitable for beginners and lead to a great result. You can easily order the matching Bobbel wool for this model online .

      Soul warmer than bolero

      This bolero is also very beautiful. A soul warmer that goes perfectly with jeans, summer dresses and shorts.

      Crochet soul warmers with free instructions for winter

      This longer soul warmer will keep you warm through the cold season . If you don't like the color, create your own Bobbel yarn at Chiemseegarn. This gives you a color gradient that suits your taste.

      Find a soul warmer granny crochet pattern for free

      Before you start using a free crochet granny pattern for your soul warmer, it's good to know what this type of crochet is all about in general.

      For a long time considered a rather uncool crochet technique, granny crochet is back in fashion today. It involves grouped double crochets with chain stitches between them. This crochet technique used to be mostly used for pot holders and other small utensils, but this has changed. Blankets, clothes and bags are made in this way. And so it is not surprising that there are also free crochet Granny Soul Warmer patterns to be found.

      Granny style
      Is there a size chart for crochet soul warmers?

      It is no problem to adjust measurements when crocheting the soulwarmer. After all, this is just a crocheted rectangle. The size can be variably influenced by creating more or fewer chain stitches. So if you have a soul warmer crochet pattern available free of charge, you can change the dimensions given there to suit your own requirements.

      Crocheting a soul warmer in large sizes is not a problem. A free pattern for soul warmers can easily be expanded from smaller to larger models. Everything is possible from XS to XL.

      Instructions for soul warmers - is the crochet knowledge enough?

      You came across a free crochet pattern for soul warmers and are unsure whether you have enough crochet skills to do so? In most cases, the instructions for the soul warmer already indicate which previous knowledge is required. Below are the main crochet stitches you will be dealing with:

      1. Chain stitches

      Nothing works without a chain stitch when crocheting. No matter which free guide for soul warmers you use, you will always come across chain stitches. They represent the first row of a crochet work.

      2. slip stitches

      The slip stitches are mainly used to clean up edges that occur on cutouts. This type of stitch also occurs relatively often in connection with crocheting the soul warmer.

      3. Single crochet stitches

      They are easy to crochet and are a good basis for beginners, especially when crocheting the soul warmer, to complete the handwork quickly and without complications.

      4. Chopsticks

      Crocheting double crochet is also not difficult and is required as knowledge in numerous instructions. Simple sticks are ideal for crocheting a summer soul warmer that should be particularly airy.

      A guide to different soulwarmers

      Have you found the opportunity to crochet a soul warmer that you particularly like? Then you now have the chance to spice up your wardrobe with various soul warmers. It would be great to have the right model for every outfit. Handicrafts are always suitable as gifts. Maybe your girlfriend already envied you when she saw one of your crocheted soul warmers. Just give her one for her next birthday. She will be happy!

      It can also make sense to look for a free crochet pattern and link it to your circle of friends. Maybe one or the other will discover their talent for crocheting and start crocheting their own soul warmers. A nice hobby that inspires more and more people. Incidentally, men also like to use the crochet hook to let their creativity run free.

      Not only crochet soul warmers with free instructions

      It doesn't matter whether you are a professional or a beginner, whoever holds a free soul warmer pattern in their hands has taken the first step towards beautiful crochet work. Above all, the fact that a soul warmer, in contrast to some other crochet pieces, can be completed relatively quickly is convincing. After all, you want to be able to assess the result as quickly as possible.

      Anyone who has already crocheted soul warmers using a free pattern and would like to try something new can also find paid instructions online. These variants can also be worthwhile, especially if you already have good crocheting skills. Unusual patterns that are not so easy to crochet represent a challenge that many hobby crocheters are happy to accept.

      Become a designer yourself: crochet soul warmers with Bobbel

      With Bobbel wool it is particularly easy to become a designer yourself. Especially with regard to crocheting soul warmers and the possibility of receiving a free crochet soul warmer pattern, there is a lot of room for fantastic creations of your own.

      Being able to put together hand-wound Bobbel yarns individually and not only influence the color but also the number of threads used is convincing. This is how you can design the soul warmer that you may have seen in your mind's eye for a long time. The materials from which such a bobble can be made are also different.

      So if you want to crochet a particularly unusual or colorful soul warmer, you should first find out about the various Bobbel yarns. With us you can select Bobbel yarns, design them and order them immediately.

      Crochet soul warmers for beginners - don't do without Bobbel

      For beginners , crocheting with Bobbel wool might take a little getting used to at first. After all, these are some threads that are not twisted. But when it comes to a soul warmer, there shouldn't be any problems when crocheting, since it's just a continuous crocheting of a rectangle. So not much can happen. However, one thing has to be considered: You should pay attention to the right crochet hook. Depending on the desired stitch pattern, a needle size of 2.5 to 5 can be used when crocheting the soul warmer.

      So dear crochet beginners: Have courage to use Bobbel yarn. You can look forward to a beautiful soul warmer that will draw admiring glances with its unusual color gradient. That's for sure.
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