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What is a bobble?

Bobbel WolleA Bobbel is an unusual way of processing wool. This is because the individual threads are plied and not twisted. With plied yarn, several threads run loosely next to each other and are not twisted into each other! A wool bobble can therefore have any thread thickness.

A particularly gentle color gradient is created by knotting individual wool threads of different colors together. Depending on how colorful you want it, we offer our yarn with two to five-color combinations at. The knots at the color transitions are so small that they can easily be processed when knitting or crocheting. The knots can be cut off and will not unravel after several washes.

In terms of thread thickness, the most common variants are three or four threads. If you would like to buy a bobble with gradient yarn, you can even choose between three- to eight-thread wool bobbles at Chiemseegarn. Thanks to the configurator , you can put together our hand-wound color gradient yarn as you wish.

What material is Bobbel wool made of?

Bobbel MaterialIf you would like to buy a gradient yarn Bobbel, you will find it in a wide variety of qualities and a wide variety of material mixtures. The classic yarn consists of a mix of cotton and polyacrylic. But there are also yarns that are composed of new wool and polyacrylic or mohair and silk. Depending on the desired feel or project, the selection can be different.

What should you consider when buying Bobbel wool?

verschiedene Bobbel

If you buy a Bobbel in the online shop, you have to pay attention to a few things. It is important that you not only pay attention to the gram information, but also to the barrel length. Depending on the number of threads, a 1000m long yarn can have 200 to 533 grams. Depending on the project, you should always think about how much yarn you want to order beforehand.

The required needle size varies greatly depending on the thread count. There are wool bobbles that are best processed with a needle size of 3, with others you need a larger size. Here is a small list of needle sizes we recommend for each thread:

  • 3-thread: needle size 2.5mm-3.5mm
  • 4-thread: needle size 3mm-4mm
  • 5-thread: needle size 3.5mm-4.5mm
  • 6 threads: needle size 4mm-5mm
  • 7 threads: needle size 4.5mm-5.5mm
  • 8 threads: needle size 4.5mm-6mm

This is just a guideline though. Which needle size you ultimately use is a matter of taste and depends on how tight or loose you want your result to be. The best way to find out which needle size you prefer for your project is to try it out. We offer here different needles.

What is important when caring for Bobbel wool?


No matter which project you have realized with a Bobbel, at some point it will be time for the first wash. We have a few tips for you so that you can enjoy your knitted or crocheted products for as long as possible:

  • Hand or gentle wash
  • Do not exceed 30°C
  • Wool washing program
  • if necessary, wash in the extra laundry net
  • no dryer
  • Ironing at level 1

How to work with Bobbel wool?

Bobbel Wolle

Processing a Bobbel yarn is quite easy with a little practice. However, you should still take the time to do a small test run.Because there is not just one thread on the needle as usual, but several. With a little practice, it is very easy to keep all threads on the needle at the same time.

Only the preparation of the processing is required a little more time than that of single color or mixed color yarns. The color gradient must always be taken into account. For projects such as pullovers or jackets, care must be taken to ensure that the front and back have the same color gradient in order to achieve a uniform result. Apart from that, you can knit or crochet as usual.

It doesn't matter whether it's knit stitches, purl stitches or a cable pattern - everything is possible with Bobbel wool. If you are still looking for some inspiration, the free instructions from Chiemseegarn are a good place to start.

The great thing about a Bobbel is that you can start it from the inside or the outside, depending on your preferred color sequence. If you start from the inside, you usually don't have to do anything else except pull the thread out slowly to avoid knotting. However, if you want to start with the outer color, we recommend placing the yarn bobble in a bowl so it doesn't roll around.

Our Bobbel wool!


Every Bobbel is made especially for you in our factory in Bavaria. The bobble is therefore unique and is only made to order.

Depending on the project, you can choose a running length between 600 to 1200 meters . In terms of thread thickness, the range extends from three-thread to 8-thread yarns. We also offer our bobbles in one to five colors . This creates many different combinations. For the brave there are also the options of incorporating a glitter thread .

In addition to the color combinations already created, you can also put together your own color wishes. If you want an individual winding, simply use our configurator.

We offer our Chiemsee yarn Bobbel in a combination of 50% cotton and 50% polyacrylic.

Important summarized:

  1. In the case of plied yarns, the threads run side by side, they are not twisted
  2. The great color gradients are created by fine nodules
  3. A bobble is suitable for crocheting and knitting
  4. The color gradient makes it possible to create very beautiful shawls, scarves, pullovers or jackets
  5. All bobbles should be kept in a bobble bag or bowl
  6. Carry the yarn around as little as possible
  7. You should never pull with force on knots
  8. Most importantly, always have fun processing!

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