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Birgit Wyss

crochet loop "autumn leaves"

crochet loop "autumn leaves"

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Included in the set:
• 600m 4f cream / quartz

Recommended material (not included in the set):
• Wool crochet hook NS 3.5 mm

• 40x200cm

The instructions can be downloaded directly from the shop!


800 running meters "chestnut" gradient yarn

5-threaded wool crochet hook NS 4.0mm

Size: 175 x 26cm

The loop is easy to crochet and can of course be modified as you like, depending on your mood.

This time we have instructions for an easy-to-work loop in autumnal colors for you. Of course, it can also be worked in any other yarn and depending on the yarn quality, colors and thickness, it always looks completely different. It can then appear sporty or even elegant.

We think that a loop is a great accessory because you can wrap it tightly around your neck to keep it warm or when you come into a shop, for example make it looser so that it's a little more comfortable.

It's a matter of taste whether you make a loop that you can wrap around your neck two or three times. Some like it a little lighter, others voluminous.

If you start a loop "free snout", you really only have to pay attention to how you get there with the yarn, because logically it gets less high as it gets wider. This is an important point, especially with gradient yarns, and that is why dimensions are important in this case. Otherwise you may have finished the Bobbel but the height is not enough or you may have finished but still have a gradient left and you then have to make it higher than planned. These are always the challenges with gradient yarns, but with a bit of practice and understanding you can do it well - otherwise we are also happy to answer any questions!

The material is comfortable to wear, especially around the neck where many people wear it are very sensitive! It does not scratch and is also very suitable for babies, children and allergy sufferers. It can easily be washed in the washing machine and keeps its shape very well. Then just lay it out a bit and pluck it to dry.

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